Roku is the No. 1 TV streaming platform in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico by hours streamed (Hypothesis Group, December 2022).  With over 55 million active accounts and more than 100,000 movies and TV shows available to stream, Roku has become a staple in many households across the world. Its popularity has led to many businesses, including tourism destinations, considering having a dedicated channel on Roku.  

Tourism destinations, whether a city or a region, rely heavily on tourists to boost their local economies. One of the most significant challenges tourism destinations face is how to market themselves effectively to potential tourists. A dedicated channel on Roku can help solve this problem by allowing destinations to showcase their attractions, events, and activities to millions of potential visitors worldwide.

Having a dedicated channel on Roku would allow tourism destinations to provide tourists with easy access to all the information they need about the destination. This would include details on accommodation, local attractions, dining options, and events. Additionally, destinations could use the channel to promote their unique culture, history, and traditions, providing a comprehensive picture of the place to the visitors.

Roku has a unique advantage over other marketing channels, as it allows businesses to reach a highly targeted audience. Roku users are typically interested in entertainment, and many of them are actively seeking out content related to travel and tourism. By having a dedicated channel on Roku, tourism destinations can reach potential tourists who are already interested in traveling and are actively looking for information about new destinations to explore.

Moreover, Roku allows for interactive experiences, which can enhance the visitors' engagement with the tourism destination. The channel can feature virtual tours, live streaming events, and user-generated content, providing visitors with a unique and engaging experience before they even arrive at the destination.

Roku is a powerful marketing tool that tourism destinations can use to reach a targeted audience and promote their offerings. A dedicated channel on Roku can provide tourists with comprehensive information about the destination and enhance their engagement with it before and during their trip. With over 55 million active accounts, Roku's reach and engagement are unparalleled, making it an essential tool for tourism destinations looking to attract more visitors and boost their local economy.